13 August 2019

Statement of Safe Embarcadero for All

Frightening Attack by What Appears to be Homeless Man Against Woman in Embarcadero Neighborhood Shows Need for Legal TRO Against S.F.’s Planned Embarcadero Homeless Center

Our hearts go out to the victim of the attack at the Watermark building, right next to the proposed new Embarcadero homeless Navigation Center.  She is a tough person and was fortunate to be able to fight off the attack by what appears to be a deranged homeless man.  We also want to recognize and thank the valiant efforts by the building attendant in the struggle to fight the attacker and protect the resident.

No one should have to live in fear of safely entering their home. 

Yet, the issue of personal safety for our community was--and is--being ignored by the Port, Mayor and the Board of Supervisors.  That is why Safe Embarcadero for All had no other choice but to sue the City of San Francisco and State Lands Commission to stop the proposed homeless center on the Embarcadero. We believe a Temporary Restraining Order is necessary to protect the safety of the neighborhood from the City’s ill-conceived Embarcadero plans, including by ensuring the provision of adequate emergency services.

The City of San Francisco’s Homelessness and Supportive Housing is unable to cope with the current overwhelming number of mentally ill and drug-addicted people on our streets.  This is an issue of the safety of our residents, our neighborhood, our City. Yet, the elected leadership of San Francisco has turned a blind eye to our safety. 

Already, the area around the construction site for the homeless center has seen a sharp uptick in homeless encampments and criminal behavior including open drug use, car break-ins and now this assault. Residents have also reported an increasing number of verbal assaults by new homeless residents. The City has failed to protect its residents by attracting a problem with no plan to deal with the effects.

This nighttime attack against an innocent woman who was simply trying to get home is a frightening example of what our community faces now. We live in concern and with fear of what may come because of the inability of the City to listen to the concerns, and follow its own rules, in the creation of new homeless centers and facilities.