19 August 2019

Statement of Safe Embarcadero for All

Statement from Safe Embarcadero For All on Today’s/Tomorrow’s Court Hearings on Homeless Suspect Austin James Vincent in Attack on Embarcadero Resident Paneez Kosarian

The shocking assault case of alleged assailant Austin James Vincent is emblematic of what is wrong in San Francisco.  The City cannot handle its overwhelming homeless, mentally-ill and drug abuse problems.  Now, it turns out Mr. Vincent is alleged to have committed a previous crime, with a knife, against a woman.  How could have Judge Christine Van Aken ever released the suspect in the first place?  Judge Van Aken must apologize to the victim, Embarcadero resident Paneez Kosarian, and to every citizen for her lack of judgment. The City of San Francisco must voluntarily halt the Embarcadero homeless shelter until the courts rule on our legal claims to stop it.  This is a matter of public safety, not politics.  We hope the Mayor, our Supervisor Matt Haney, and Judge Van Aken will wake up.